Individual Pre-Rolled Hemp Smokes

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Our pesticide free, outdoor grown hemp is rolled in a RAW wrapper for your smoking pleasure. The wrapper is unbleached and unrefined with no additives. Our pre-rolls also have a filter for a smooth finish. Choose from 4 strains: BaOx, Mountain Mango, Wife, or CBG White.

BaOx is an Indica dominant hybrid blended from Otto II and Hindu Kush strains that has a piney aroma with hints of fruit, citrus, and a peppery finish. This is a great strain for calming, relaxation, pain, and sleep. Grown outdoor and free of pesticides. (click here for COA)

Mountain Mango is Sativa dominant strain with a sweet, bright taste, a skunky diesel aroma with hints of citrus and mango, and a smooth finish. Great for clarity, focus, and daytime use. Grown outdoor and free of pesticides. (Click here for COA)

Wife is a Sativa-Indica hybrid strain with a skunky aroma and hints of berries. This strain is great for both day and evening use, providing a calming, mellow clarity. Grown outdoor and free of pesticides. (Click here for COA)

CBG White has a mild smoke, and smooth finish.  We found 3 distinct phenotypes yielding a wide range of smells and flavors.  Hues ranging from blueberry pancakes, citrus, strawberry, and pine. Great for relaxing at any time of day. Grown outdoor and free of pesticides. (Click here for COA).

This product is pesticide-free. Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


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The preroll papers and filters we use are made from 100% organic hemp.  The tubes we use to package them are also sustainably made from hemp plastic, and are child resistant.

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3 reviews for Individual Pre-Rolled Hemp Smokes

  1. Magda

    Awesome stuff! I recommend to everyone who wants to relax or be more focus. Tried and loved all!

  2. Regina

    Awesome! Has helped so much with anxiety! Thanks! Cannabis consortium NC!

  3. Lisa Roth

    BaOx is perfect. It relaxes and soothes in the moment, and settles my anxiety and stress. It doesn’t have any adverse effects for me and is exactly what I hoped it would be. I highly recommend this strain and stand by Cannabis Consortium and their farming practices. High quality!

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