Drying Tips

Thank you for coming out to our harvest event!

Drying is an important step to getting craft-quality Cannabis to smoke. It is essential to preserving terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for the tastes and smells that set quality smokable flower apart.

  • Drying typically takes 5-10 days
  • Ideal conditions should be:
    • Room Temperature (aproximately 70 degrees)
    • Gentle and indirect air circulation
    • Dark
  • Your dried flower will be ready to jar when the main stem of your flower becomes brittle and easy to snap. You can test this by listening while you bend the stem, you will hear and feel it crack – not just feel it kink.
  • Once brittle, the flower should be placed in an airtight container and allowed to rest for about one week. We recommend using a Boveda pack or other humidor technology to maintain optimal humidity levels while the stem moisture moves outward through the flower and reaches equilibrium.

Now your smokable flower is ready to try! You should grind it up or simply tear it by hand into small pieces prior to smoking to get more from your larger bud. Place the dried hemp in rolling papers, an empty pre-rolled cone (we provided 2 of the RAW Cones in our SWAG bag), or a glass pipe and enjoy!

Hemp doesn’t have to be smoked. You can also extract cannabinoids to use in your own food, beverages, or tinctures. Extraction can be as simple as heating with butter on the stove, or as complicated as using specialized laboratory equipment. We encourage you to get creative and research methods and recipes of your own!