Full Spectrum CBD Cream

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Our 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Cream is extracted from our own pesticide free outdoor grown BaOx hemp. (Click here for COA).  

This topical lotion has a clean, light fragrance. (Click here for a full list of ingredients)

This product is pesticide-free. Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

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4 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Cream

  1. Sandy Cherman

    I suffer with arthritis in both my knee and hip. I have tried 2 other CBD products without any relief. I was introduced to Cannabis Consortium’s Full Spectrum CBD cream and the pain that has kept me up nights is significantly reduced. I have complete confidence in the husband and wife team that does everything the right way and produce a great product

  2. Chrissy Hassell (verified owner)

    Your cream is truly a worthy product. I’ve used it on my wrist, knee, and back to relieve muscle pain and tension. Its effects are phenomenal. It relieves the pain! I love that your product is not masked by menthol or other perfumes. The sweet and earthy smell of hemp is evident, a sure way to know your product is full of good stuff and it is what you claim! Thank you Cannabis Consortium for an outstanding product!

  3. Brooklyn (verified owner)

    This cream is fantastic! I have used other CBD lotions/creams and the potency less mg than offered here. Really feel like the quality of this cream is the best I have tried.

    I’m in my late 30s, female, and the palms of my hand can turn into THE CLAW sometimes if i did things like use a screw driver, open a jar, or is it’s rainy. I apply the creme to my hands and i can feel the tension release in my hands.

    I also have a neck injury from a car accident years ago. My neck has a tendency to sieze. I massage the cream into my neck and shoulder, definitely helps release the tension.

    I love the light delicate smell of the cream as well.

  4. Leslie (verified owner)

    Love, love, love the CBD cream. I’m allergic to almost everything so I have to be very careful with creams and fragrances, even natural ones. I’ve been using the cream for a while now and I’ve had no hives or allergic reactions! Yay! So nice to finally find a cream that is strong enough to work and isn’t going to cause a secondary problem. I’ve tried other creams and either got hives or they simply didn’t work. So nice that the first ingredient is CBD!

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