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A Cannabis revolution is happening NOW. It is INCREDIBLE to be a part of this time of change in our history. Here you can take a glance at some of the current cannabis headlines all in one place. (A HUGE thank you to Marijuana Moment – so many of our amazing stories are sourced from them!)

Biden has issued federal pardons for marijuana convictions, a call to governors to do the same on the state level, and a call to action from the Sect. of Health and Human Services and the Atty. General to initiate a process to review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law. #thankyou #reconsider
Yes! Thank you! This is an amazing start.
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Yes! Some forward motion
WOW. Just WOW.
Well how nice of Apple to “allow” users to get the information they would like to know…
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Hemp Technology: The Future of Food Waste Prevention
Food waste is a big problem. Hemp by-products offer an easy, affordable, and scalable variety of solutions.
So happy to see this is being considered with Federal Funding and Research!
“Senators on both sides of the aisle are throwing support behind a proposal to tuck key marijuana banking legislation into a larger package aimed at boosting U.S. competitiveness, increasing the odds that a significant cannabis bill gets through the upper chamber this year.” – This includes the NOT YET PASSED: SAFE Banking Act.
“Members have spent the last few months discussing potential changes to NCAA cannabis rules. And the decision to recommend greater leniency is consistent with conversations that have been ongoing in multiple professional sports leagues as more states move to enact legalization.”
Yup, this is still a thing… SAFE Banking is NECESSARY. “State treasures from across the U.S. participated in a panel on Tuesday that focused on federal marijuana banking reform…NAST [National Association of State Treasurers] supports common sense federal laws and regulations to provide essential banking services to state legalized cannabis businesses…”

“Seventy-one percent of survey respondents ‘believed that cannabis has medical value.’” Full Article Here
 “…It helps promote creativity and get them into the ‘programming zone‘”. YUP.
The Cannabis industry is being unfairly discriminated against and NEEDS a SAFE Banking Act to protect it. This is outrageous. Dozens of states allow the LEGAL sale of Cannabis. Without access to a bank, Cannabis companies are forced to operate in cash which puts them at a greater risk of theft, among many other problems this creates for a business of any size. Get outraged with us HERE
This!! Click for full article and for the easiest way EVER to tell your Senators what we want!
“Hemp Batteries are 8x More Powerful than Lithium, Scientists Discover”
I would LOVE to say “WOOHOO”! BUT!!! This is INCREDIBLY RESTRICTIVE for the people who need it. AND it only allows for OUT OF STATE CANNABIS Companies! It is unicorn poop, quite frankly.
Shocking! haha! Full Article here
This is incredible… but we still have quite a way to go! Check out the full article from NORML: “Multiple Adult-Use Legalization Laws to Take Effect Next Week”
It is a start!!
“A fast-growing and cost effective hemp industry can fulfill its economic development and environmental promise only through widespread implementation of smart technology systems…”
That’s a start!
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The more states that push, the closer we are to federal legalization! (Hopefully!)
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This movement is happening WORLDWIDE
WOOHOO! Come on Southern States!!!
“Representatives David Joyce and Don Young have introduced legislation to remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act, thereby repealing the federal prohibition of cannabis and making states the primary regulators of the plant” Read the full article published by NORML HERE

OH YES! This is HUGE!

(Published by NORML): Prior to the passing of this Act “… virtually no state-licensed cannabis businesses can legally obtain a bank account, process credit cards, or provide loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs…

In a vote of 321-101, House members approved HR 1996, The SAFE Banking Act, which would create a legal safe harbor for financial institutions to engage in business relationships with state-licensed and regulated cannabis companies….”

YES! Come on Southern States!
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Come on NC!!


Yes! Yes! PLEASE use your voice. Be a part of this revolution! Be a part of the solution! Its time to end this useless war on drugs.
Please use your voice! Just click and submit. Our reps cannot know what we want if we are silent.
…”The coalition’s goals include descheduling marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, supporting criminal justice reform, protecting people currently running “grey market” marijuana businesses where it’s legal at the state level but not federally, promoting free and open markets, and limiting taxes on legal marijuana…” THIS COULD BE AMAZING!
THIS IS AMAZING!! YES YES YES!! WAY TO LEAD!! “The bill creates automatic expungement of previous marijuana convictions that would now be legal,” the governor said. “This is a historic day—one that rights the wrongs of the past by putting an end to harsh prison sentences, embraces an industry that will grow the Empire State’s economy, and prioritizes marginalized communities so those that have suffered the most will be the first to reap the benefits.”
The governor’s proposal would make it so possession of cannabis by adults 21 and older would be legal on July 1, rather than in 2024 as the measure currently stipulates.
YES!!! Not only legalization, but “… a companion bill that automatically erases many past marijuana convictions.” IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO ERASE CONVICTIONS! YES YES YES!
Well this is an unexpected turn of events
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Another state hopping on board!
Chuck Schumer is getting it done!
We are experiencing HISTORY!
Thank you Chuck Shumer! Full Article here
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“This marks the fastest transition from voter-approval to sales implementation of any state that has legalized marijuana to date.” Read the full article Here
This Bill seeks to reclassify Marijuana from Schedule I (this current drug classification puts Marijuana in the same class as Heroin!), to Schedule III (think Tylenol with codeine). This new bill “would not end federal prohibition in the way the MORE Act would” BUT it is still a step in the right direction and certainly makes further scientific research more attainable.
Just… wow! Full Article
Are we seeing a pattern here?! “According to data from the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system, $1,000,521,905 in cannabis sales have been logged as of October 30.”
Every single state would benefit from this income. Legalization would be such a giant step to restoring our economy. “Last month, the state saw about $106 million in medical and recreational cannabis sales….another example of how the industry isn’t just weathering the coronavirus pandemic—it’s thriving.”
TWO BILLION!! “Since the state began collecting tax revenue on marijuana sales in February 2014, Colorado has brought in almost $1.6 billion in taxes on nearly $9.8 billion in total sales.”
1 BILLION!!!! Whhhhyyyy would we not legalize as a country?! Think of the good that could come from this type of income in each state!! (Mind. Blown.)
 “The state announced in May that it was making about $31 million in social equity grants available to communities identified as economically distressed.”
A true change will have to come from within the system. Kudos to this agent for speaking out!
How about this?!
One step closer to believing in the science!
Woohoo! Where are you North Carolina? ha!
The outcome of the Senate runoff next week in Georgia is absolutely going to have an impact on the Cannabis Movement. “It’ll move a lot faster,” if he himself is installed as majority leader. “But on the issue of marijuana, I believe even–god forbid—I’m not majority leader, I believe that the pressure on McConnell is going to increase and we could make some progress.” – Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
To have a voice during this spectacular time of change in our nation’s history is truly a GIFT. Please keep using your voice! Change only happens when everyone comes together to make enough noise. It is happening NOW. “Earlier this month, the House approved the MORE Act, which would federally deschedule cannabis and promote restorative justice for communities most impacted by the war on drugs. It has been widely heralded by advocates as a historic reform move. ” (Full article here).
Wow!! Amazing progress! Full Article Here
“I think society’s views around marijuana has changed to a certain extent.” – Commissioner Adam Silver 
“It is time that Maryland has a reasonable and responsible cannabis policy, and that means legalization. The prohibition on the responsible use of cannabis has done exponentially more harm than good, and has devastated communities with a heavy-handed and unfair drug policy.” – Del. Jazz Lewis (D), (who prefiled the legalization bill)
Yes! Dr. Rand Paul nails it. Hemp farmers are faced with so many challenges, and so much red tape. These changes would be monumental to the hemp industry.
 Fueled by the coronavirus pandemic and patient growth, sales are on pace to reach around $200 million this year.

New Jersey, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, and Mississippi all voted to legalize Marijuana!

Expanded Cannabis research is LONG OVERDUE! This is a huge step in the right direction. It will help ensure the research on Cannabis more accurately reflects what is available to consumers on the market. “The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on Thursday revealed a long-awaited final rule aimed at expanding the number of authorized growers of marijuana to be used in scientific research.”
YES! YES! YES!!!! It is really happening – the call to legalize Cannabis is finally being taken seriously across our nation! “The governor of Virginia on Wednesday unveiled a budget proposal that “lays the groundwork to legalize marijuana” by including millions of dollars to support efforts to expunge cannabis convictions as well as steps to set up the state to eventually implement a system of commercial sales. ” Full Article
…”Democrats in the Senate will have more leverage to decide on the details of a legal cannabis program when the session starts, as they secured a supermajority during last month’s election.” In a related article, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) “discussed the fiscal benefits of legalizing marijuana as a group of progressive organizations and lawmakers separately included cannabis reform in a package of criminal justice measures they want prioritized.”
YES!!! This bill allows physicians to discuss the benefits/risks of Medical Cannabis with their patients without violating the Controlled Substances Act. That is HUGE! “The medical community agrees that we need more research to learn about marijuana’s potential health benefits, but our federal laws today are standing in the way.” – Brian Schatz (D-HI)
How cool is this! Cannabis should be widely cultivated world wide for so many reasons. This is just one.
Is anyone else getting the feeling this means that the feds have no intention of legalizing marijuana federally? If it was federally legalized they could save this time and money and make even more money on the sales tax from a new industry… Full article here
This is HUGE! Currently, the only federally approved Cannabis research facility is at the University of Mississippi. “Regulatory red tape greatly limits our understanding of the health impacts of marijuana and prevents qualified researchers from engaging in further study,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) said. Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) pointed out that cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years but that its medical effects still aren’t properly understood due to research barriers. This bill will allow the research to more accurately reflect “the reality of what is on the market.” Read the full article from Marijuana Moment here
“(This Bill) ends the decades-long monopoly on the cultivation of cannabis for FDA-approved research by requiring federal agencies to license multiple manufacturers in addition to the University of Mississippi. For over five decades, the University has been the only federally licensed source of research-grade marijuana in the United States.” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “…The reality that most high-schoolers have easier access to cannabis than do our nation’s top scientists is the height of absurdity and an indictment of the current system.” Read the full article from NORML here
The MORE Act Passes in the House! “The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill to federally legalize marijuana in a historic vote on Friday. It’s the day that cannabis reform advocates have been building toward for years—a full floor vote to end prohibition in a chamber of Congress.” INCREDIBLE!
“A body of the U.S. Congress voting to legalize cannabis for the first time is an historic event that will be celebrated by long-time advocates, criminal justice reform proponents, patients, veterans, and the millions of Americans who continue to express their support for legalization at the ballot box,” Read the full article: Cannabis Business Times
The MORE ACT: The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act is an incredibly important part of Cannabis reform.