“If you build it, they will come”

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Remember the movie “Field of Dreams”? The basic premise is about a farmer who, everyone thinks has gone a bit mad, and decides to plow down his corn field on a whim, essentially. He believes that something incredible will happen, and takes a huge leap of faith, in spite of that fact that the outcome is completely unknowable. Well, that’s us right now. We have decided to take a HUGE CHANCE, go against all odds and try to be a part of something incredible! We are currently without any income, (living on savings and oh so many loans!), and giving this dream everything we have. It has already been the most AMAZING experience. To really put yourself out there, risk everything you have worked for, (with no way of knowing the outcome), to take this chance and experience this journey has been truly life changing. We are so excited to be a part of something so incredible! Thanks for joining us on our journey, we can’t wait to see the outcome. Please check out our fundraising page and please help spread the word about our adventure. We are living on a hope and a dream and loving every second of it.

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